General Information

Gnome-Dial is an user-friendly PPP dialer for GNOME 2. The idea which has given this project to light is quite simple: giving GNOME 2 users a usable, fullly-featured, GNOME-integrated, clean and fast interface to the ppp package in order to make dialup connections easily. There already are tons of such tools and some are particullarly valid (Gnome-PPP for example), but they often need other programs like WvDial to make connections, or are not so clean, fast or well-integrated with the GNOME interface. You can consider Gnome-Dial (expecially in this moment of hard development), a frontend for PPP, but this is not what it is intented to be: it will sooner or later begin to include new features and its own configuration files to represent modems, connections etc. However it will not try to replace the ppp package. The package will soon include also a configuration generator.

Project Goals

Its main goal is to be included in some future version of the GNOME Desktop Environment (see http://www.gnome.org), and become the standard dialup connecting tool for GNOME users. If we succed with this point we would like to see it integrated with other applications dealing with Internet like web browsers, mail/news clients, etc., but this point does not depend on our work. Thinking about a remote future we would like to expand it also to other kinds of connections to Internet (ADSL, cable, etc.) and also include new features according to the requests of our users. But maybe we're looking too far, a lot of work still needs to be done.


This is a good point! We haven't still decided under which licence we will release this software. However it will certainly be free software, as we do it just for passion and not to earn money. Suggestions are welcome (see the 'Contacts' section of this website). At the moment this is Public Domain software.