2004-08-29: Website update.
2004-08-28: The project has been added to LinuxLinks.com (http://www.linuxlinks.com)
2004-08-28: The project has been added to GnomeFiles (http://www.gnomefiles.org)
2004-08-27: The project has been added to freshmeat.net (http://www.freshmeat.net)
2004-08-26: The project has been added to SourceForge.net (http://www.sourceforge.net) and it is also downloadable from their FTP mirror servers (take a look at the 'Downloads' section).
2004-08-24: Added informations to the website about 0.1.0 version in state of development. Two preview screenshots avaible in 'Screeshots' section.
2004-08-22: The project has been added to Open the Source website (http://openthesource.altervista.org).
2004-08-08: The official Internet website of Gnome-Dial has been published and contains a description of the project, informations about the current status, screenshots, a downloads section and links to contact the author.
2004-08-08: Gnome-Dial 0.0.1 released! This is the first release ever and although it is not usable at all for most users, it is the first step towards the fullfillment of the objectives of the project.

The project and its goals

Gnome-Dial is an user-friendly PPP dialer for GNOME 2. Unlike other dialers like Gnome-PPP it requires just the GNOME Desktop Environment version 2.x (currently tested just on 2.6) and the ppp package (right now it works just with 2.4.2 version). It aims at giving GNOME 2 users an easy tool to make dialup connections like kppp or the program used by Microsoft Windows with the highest possible number of settings while mantaining a good consistency, usability, integration with GNOME and speed. Its main goal is to be part of some future release of the GNOME Desktop Environment (see http://www.gnome.org). For more information about the project take a look at the 'About' section.

We want you!

If you have got some time to lose and feel happy about this project, please consider giving us some help. Our most pressing needs are programmers who whish to contribute cleaning the code from bugs and completing the current development version, FTP mirror servers to let users download package tarballs, testers which can help finding and maybe fixing bugs on various platforms and with different software, translators and doc writers.
N.B.: Before sending hundreds of code lines to let the program include new features, think that there is a lot work to do to complete the current development version (and we consider it really urgent) and that we want Gnome-Dial to be very consistent, so, if you don't want your heart to be broken, be careful! However should you have nice ideas or want to make complaints, requests, suggestions, etc. take a look at the 'Contacts' section of this website.

Current programmers, doc writers, artists, testers, people involved, etc.

Stefano D'Angelo <daste@oneonline.it> (myself)

Special Thanks to...

Mithenks and the 'Open the Source' project (http://openthesource.altervista.org)
OneOnLine Internet Provider (http://www.oneonline.it)
Websites and communities the project has been added to (SourceForge.net, fresmeat.net, GnomeFiles, LinuxLinks.com)
Anyone who is helping or is going to help